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Welcome to Reward Live 2017
Helen Swire, editor, REWARD
Session 1 | Become a reward rock star: supercharge your benefits programme

Session chaired by Helen Swire, editor, REWARD

Keynote | Do your people love your total reward scheme? Prove it.
Getting reward right for 170,000 staff in six different continents is no mean feat. So how can Unilever be sure that their total reward programme is not only improving engagement and performance, but delivering something that its people truly value? Peter Newhouse lifts the lid on the importance of ‘always on’ feedback in continually enhancing employee benefits.
Peter Newhouse, global head of reward, Unilever
Panel discussion | Refining reward strategies: the secrets to success
What does it take to develop an award-winning employee benefits strategy? Our line-up of reward leaders offer their thoughts on:
  • Choosing a reward package that works for staff and the business
  • Getting board buy in for new and improved benefits
  • Communicating with and engaging the workforce
  • Evaluating success and adapting to changing needs

Annie Guest, HR business partner, Assurant
Mike Sutton, head of HR shared services and reward, Midland Heart
Andy Wicken, people director, HomeServe

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Session 2 | Reward people’s unique lifestyles: enhance your flexible and voluntary benefits
Session chaired by Helen Swire, editor, REWARD
Learn from the best | It’s all about choice: delivering a multi-benefits programme
Designed to meet the changing and diverse needs of its varied workforce, this comprehensive reward strategy incorporates a wide range of flexible and voluntary benefits. This case study shows how the scheme was developed, how it is communicated to employees, and the results it delivers.
Jane Fradd, HR services and reward manager – UK&I, Parker Hannifin Manufacturing (REWARD’s 2016 ‘Best use of voluntary benefits & discounts’ winner)
Advisory session | The alternative to car salary sacrifice!
Aside from housing costs, cars are normally an employee’s largest purchase. So providing your employee’s access to heavily discounted cars should provide them with the largest cash savings compared to any other voluntary benefit. At this session you will find out more about the different solutions available in the market and the pros and cons of each approach.
Guy Roberts, director, sgfleet
Advisory session | Are your employees abandoned at-retirement?
Research indicates that a lack of support is leaving many employees incredibly vulnerable to making poor decisions at-retirement. This session will include findings from our latest pension research and discuss the importance of providing a full retirement income service for your employees to help them make informed decisions.
Ian Dearnley, new business manager, WEALTH at work
Learn from the best | Spreading the reward love: delivering choice and flexibility in benefits with wellbeing at the heart of this
Using innovative family-friendly initiatives, Cisco enables staff to achieve a healthy work-life balance through innovative family-friendly initiatives – all of which can be delivered on a budget. Here, we explore their journey, success so far and plans for the future.
Sheila Champion-Smeeth, EMEAR Total Rewards Consultant, Cisco
Louise Cook, HR country consultant, Cisco
Refuel – lunch and networking
Session 3 | Design a package that’s really something special: think outside the benefits box
Session chaired by Helen Swire, editor, REWARD
Learn from the best | Work, grow, reward, connect: a revolution in the way we live and work
With two employee engagement trademarks – The Experience® and There is more to life than work® – Goodman Masson’s Guy Hayward’s philosophy is all about challenging, engaging and inspiring his employees. This award-winning approach has delivered year-on-year growth in both revenues and head count, and here he reveals the reasons for its success.
Guy Hayward, chief executive officer, Goodman Masson
Advisory session | Free Movement between Employee Benefits and Wellbeing – or separate borders?
Inspired, hard-working, happy employees – isn’t that what every business owner wants? Happy people mean happy business. Getting inside the mindset of the employee is key to understanding how to achieve it. Reward is a really important part of the package, but it doesn’t stop there. Find out how to cross the divide that often separates employee benefits, wellbeing and HR and create a holistic approach to getting the very best from your people.
Debbie Kleiner-Gaines, head of creating opportunities, PES
Ian Rummels, head of thinking and possibilities, PES
Workshop | Financial Wellness
We take a look at both the employer and employees perspective of Financial Wellness and share what we’ve been seeing and hearing on this topic. We ask what are the potential opportunity costs employers could be missing out on by not offering Financial Wellness benefits, and then provide our insight into how to build a business case for Financial Wellness. As part of the building the business case we’ll also discuss the role personalisation, data and even behavioural science has to play when it comes to Financial Wellness.
Mark Rowlands, head of dc & financial wellness services, Mercer
Refresh – tea, coffee and a chat
Session 4 | Protect and improve your people’s health: reduce sickness and absence
Session chaired by Helen Swire, editor, REWARD
Advisory session | Helping your employees maximise their pension in retirement
The new pension freedoms give your employees choice and opportunity like never before but with that comes increased complexity and risk. In this session we will look at how people are now accessing their pension (both DB and DC), where the risks and dangers are and what employers can do to help their employees make better pension choices.
Andrew Pennie, marketing director & head of pathways, Intelligent Pensions
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Session 5 | Deliver benefits without the bumf: keep employees engaged!
Jack Jones, editor, Pensions Insight and Engaged Investor
Keynote | Communicate, captivate: the power of conversation
Alastair Campbell, writer, communicator, strategist and Time to Change ambassador
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Meet and greet – tea, coffee and registration
Welcome to day two of Reward Live 2017
Helen Swire, editor, REWARD
Session 6 | Revitalise your workforce: step up your wellbeing strategy
Session chaired by Helen Swire, editor, REWARD
Keynote | Taking on the elephant in the room: improving mental wellbeing
Lucy Beresford hosts a weekly show on LBC radio, regularly features on Sky News and works at both the Priory and in private practice. In this presentation, she explores strategies for encouraging mental wellbeing in the workplace. A former investment banker, she offers unparalleled insight as she assists workers with issues ranging from stress and exhaustion to addiction and depression.
Lucy Beresford, psychotherapist, writer and broadcaster, LBC
Panel discussion | Wellbeing in the workplace: creating a long-term strategy
Promoting wellbeing, whether mental, physical or financial, offers huge benefits to both employees and employer. But where do you start – and how do you create tangible results? Our panellists explore:
  • Understanding where to focus your wellbeing efforts
  • First steps in creating an effective wellbeing initiative
  • Improving and updating an existing programme
  • Being prepared for future wellbeing needs

Julie Brown, HR director, Cambridge Judge Business School
Rachel Clacher, co-founder & director, Moneypenny
Jeanette Makings, head of financial education, Close Brothers

Re-energise – tea, coffee and networking
Session 7 | Reshape your reward package: discover innovations and unusual perks
Session chaired by Helen Swire, editor, REWARD
Advisory session | Innovation in occupational health
Occupational health services are in serious decline in the UK, both from a quantity and quality perspective. A new innovative approach is desperately needed and Catriona Lovall suggests what an innovative occupational health service should offer customers.
Catriona Lovell, occupational health manager, BHSF Occupational Health Limited
Advisory session | Understanding the DNA of financial wellbeing and its impact on the UK workforce
Until recently, the big financial conversation in the workplace has been pensions: but employers are coming to terms with the fact that employees across the workforce have a range of financial concerns that need to be addressed. How do these financial worries impact the workplace, and why should employers help their staff? This session will explore the needs of different genders and generations and how they handle financial pressures and the impacts felt within the workplace, as well as asking if employee and employer perceptions are aligned when it comes to wellbeing strategies.
Heidi Allan, head of insights and engagement, Neyber
Case study | The Business of Engagement – Are happy employees the answer to the productivity puzzle?
UK productivity is 18% lower than the G7, making the UK productivity gap the widest since records began in 1991. Academic research shows that happiness results in 12% more productivity, but a recent survey shows 48% of employees are rarely or never happy at work. We ask what would happen if employees became a little happier and more engaged? What impact would this have on organisational productivity and would this impact our national productivity?
David Walker, chief commercial officer, Personal Group
Refuel – lunch and networking
Session 8 | Futureproof your benefits strategy: explore what the future holds
Session chaired by Helen Swire, editor, REWARD
Learn from the best | Communicating and engaging with reward in a Digital Age
In today’s multi-generational workforce, how can employers and HRDs achieve best practice in communication, to get the message about their benefits and people strategy to all their employees?
This session will examine not only how technology can bridge the communications gap, but also how mobile technology and apps can engage employees: and how employers can make use of the data they gain from digital platforms to create a compelling strategy.
Paul Bissell, former head of reward & policy at Three UK and founder and director of consulting, Online Reward Consulting
Advisory session | Futureproof your benefits strategy: explore what the future holds
The session will focus on what is expected to occupy reward and benefits directors’ agendas over the next five years, potential quick wins and areas to invest time in as we move into a post-Brexit world.
Marcus Underhill, director of engagement and insight, Staffcare
Keynote address | The transforming world of work
The way we work is changing. New technologies, new methods of communication and new organisational structures are forcing employers and employees alike to adopt new working practices. Attracting, retaining and motivating workforces through this change and beyond it will be no mean feat, as our academic expert explores.
Janet Druker, professor of human resources management, University of Westminster Business School
Goodbye from Reward Live 2017
Helen Swire, editor, REWARD
Programme and speakers correct at time of publication but subject to change

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